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Our project

Our project: 'Il Tempo della Terra'

Our company's activities have always been driven by our interest in safeguarding and giving due value to quality food production, with its three important aspects: cultural, flavour and health.
Our aim is to bring people closer to the land again, starting from local food production, in our belief that these products should be considered elements of a high quality of life, helping us to return to the natural rhythms of the earth. Hence the name of our project, 'Il tempo della terra'.
To reach this objective we have embarked on a series of activities and services:

Studying, and sharing our knowledge of, the history of quality food production and the characteristics of produce and farming methods; particularly with regard to local crops, but also with an interest in national and international food products;
Spreading knowledge about flavours and about food preparation;
Creating a 'filiera corta' or 'short distribution chain', with direct sales of farm products, and organising related activities;
Creating and cultivating contacts and exchanges with producers in other regions and other countries.

Our company's ethos has found shared values in the Slow Food movement, which is working on a national and international level for the development and revaluing of local economies, which are at risk from current economic and commercial trends.
We are in complete solidarity with the attempts to activate a positive form of globalisation which leads to more exchange between producers and more dialogue between producers and consumers. Indeed, the latter can effectively be considered 'co-producers' in the sense that they are the last link in the distribution chain and as such are informed sustainers of the food production process.


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