Azienda Agricola Gianluca Polidori


The farm 'Azienda Agricola Gianluca Polidori' consists of a total area of 30 hectares, divided between two locations; one near Assisi (in Rivotorto) and the other near Spoleto (in Poreta). Both are part of the prestigious oil production area 'DOP Umbria colli Assisi-Spoleto'.

The company was founded by Gianluca Polidori, who has dedicated 'body and soul' to the project. Reorganising the agricultural land he inherited from his mother, he initially concentrated on the care and development of the olive groves.  This has in turn ensured the healthy preservation of the woodlands around the olive groves, which as well as representing an important element of the landscape also form the ideal habitat for the survival of typical local species of plants and animals, creating a natural form of protection for the olive trees from some forms of parasite which attack the fruit.

Several important milestones have followed: the restoration of the old olive mill; the creation of an exhibition of rural archeology and documents; returning to full splendour the beautiful old olive grove terraced with dry-stone dykes inside the medieval walls of Castello di Poreta. All of this has helped to build a farm with a unique identity, based on  high quality food production and communicating with consumers about the relationship between these products and the area in which they are produced.

Gianluca Polidori then put his energies into research about certain plant species which were once widespread in the area but had since all but disappeared. This led to a renewed consideration of the value of these species and action to safeguard their future. He developed contacts and exchanges with other producers, including setting up specific projects aimed at reciprocal cooperation.

The aim of the company is to safeguard and give due value to quality food production, in its three important aspects: cultural, flavour and health.

The company produces DOP extra virgin olive oil, sold in an elegant vertical box containing eight bottles of 100ml each. These eight little bottles each have a special pouring device which prevents spillage and helps to dose the oil. This form of packaging guarantees the consistent quality of the oil throughout its daily use, preventing the possible oxidation which can occur with long storage in a larger container. Nonetheless, to meet with the varying needs of our customers we also sell 250ml or 500ml bottles. As well as this DOP oil we also produce another extra virgin olive oil, which we sell only in tins of 3 or 5 litres.
Another important product of the farm is our saffron, sold under the label 'Zafferano di Cascia – zafferano purissimo dell'Umbria'. This is sold exclusively in stigmas so that the consumer can be sure of its absolute purity. The stigmas are sealed in a glass jar which is then inserted into a cardboard holder which protects the stigmas from the light. Our saffron is available in the following quantities: 0.3g; 0.5g; 1g and 5g (for restaurants).

Gianluca, Beatrice e Valerio

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