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Appointments with taste

To understand the importance of high quality food production it is not enough to listen to descriptions of the production process and the characteristics of the products; it is also necessary to become familiar with the preparation of dishes using these products.

To this end it would be ideal for producers to develop a relationship with restaurants, but for various reasons, for the moment, this is difficult to establish. We therefore had the idea of adapting a space on our farm where we can welcome people involved in food preparation, whether they be restaurant chefs, domestic cooks or caterers for festivals and parties.

The result is food related events with the active participation of our guests. The events take a theme based on one or more products and are designed as an opportunity to share knowledge about, and enjoyment of, these quality foods. The events can be organised for the morning or the evening, for a maximum of 30 people.

During these meetings much is learnt about food traditions, enriched by the ingenuity and skill of those who produce and process the raw ingredients and of those who prepare the dishes. The tasting aspect is supplemented and completed by the participation of farmers, food experts and food science specialists.

A historical tour / exhibition about the production of extra virgin olive oil has been created on the farm premises. This can be visited by appointment.

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